The Connection
How many young people are fascinated with high-performance vehicles? There are thousands of websites and hundreds of print magazines dedicated to them, and their own billion-dollar industry. A quick look to the newsstand magazine rack will tell you: lots and lots of young people are fascinated. Knowing this, we have created an open door policy to our shop and race vehicles. K-12 schools are encouraged to conduct regular field trips with their students. Teachers are encouraged to stop by and ask questions about topics they might not fully understand because they can have a huge reach. We firmly believe education is an absolute imperative for our future.

For this specific reason, we are getting young people involved in the STEM fields. High performance motorsports is a very exciting application of ALL the STEM disciplines. From tires to fuels to engine computers, there is a spot for everybody. By encouraging and allowing young people to get hands on with such technology, we are making a difference in what the future will look like. This not only excites students about the possibilities higher education has for them, but educates them about emerging renewable technology!

GsR hosts a competition inspired by Florida Gulf Coast University’s solar go-kart challenge. This type of project makes a positive difference in a young persons life, simply by getting them involved with a hands on learning environment With the open shop, excess materials, and other resources available to them, students have limitless opportunity to learn and explore STEM based creativity.

STEM Education

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