The world needs renewable fuel sources—they hold massive and positive global impacts. Change is coming. We are erasing the line that separates “everyday” from “high performance” when it comes to disruptive fuel technology. What we are using today, you will by using tomorrow. Motorsports is an exciting venue loved by millions. What better way to bust myths and misinformation about renewable energy technologies than by demonstrating them in high performance motorsports? Also, we do what we do because we love it.

Why we do what we do

In a world more conscious of the need to reduce consumption, source sustainable energy, and increase efficiency, GsR is on the forefront of this emerging transition. Biodiesel is renewable and can be carbon neutral. It can also be made right here at home, with an ever increasing return on investment. This creates local jobs and helps get us closer to energy independence. Petroleum is obtained by depleting natural reserves and importation for almost every country in the world, but biodiesel can lessen this dependence. It is a win-win fuel. Biodiesel is better for the environment and better for the economy.

The message

Motorsports have always been cutting edge. In competition, the most efficient team is the first one across the finish line. In an environment where any increase in performance is measured in thousandths of a second, new technology must always be developed. These developments make their way into the consumer market to help with things like getting better mileage and staying safer on the road. Our competitive edge comes from focusing on these performance increasers. We have the opportunity to push every component, small and large, to the limit. One of the best ways to test and raise awareness of novel innovations is to run them through the gauntlet of hi-performance applications…. In this realm, weaknesses and problems show up early….but so does promise.

Areas of

Race vehicle and product development

-Race chassis development

-Suspension design

-Renewable fuels

-Biodiesel derivatives

-Clean diesel technology

-Efficiency optimization

With many forms of media covering world-class races, vehicle body space provides a billboard for companies to show association with a team that stands apart. GsR rises above the rest and attracts extra attention because all of our vehicles feature renewable energy fuels powering our success. We have been on live national television and have been featured in USA Today, The New York Times and many other news outlets, TV, print, and online. We provide great exposure for our supporters who come along for the “ride”.

Thank you for the support!

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