GsR got it’s start with professional racing with a landspeed record. Those involved with Greenspeed (the student club) learned how to single-mindedly attack a goal with the force necessary to accomplish the unthinkable. As students, they took a perfectly good, street legal pickup and in less than six months turned it into a world record setting land speed vehicle. They successfully built the world’s fastest vegetable oil powered vehicle.

Base Vehicle: 1998 Chevrolet S 10
Engine: 2003 Cummins 5.9 L
Transmission: 48RH with manual valve-body
Horsepower: 1000+
Torque: 1400+ ft-lbs
Safety: 10 point roll cage, 7 point harness, door-net, 20 lb fire

The next phase of the project, under the direction of GsR, is to overtake the petroleum diesel pickup record (215.091mph) using vegetable oil as a fuel. The truck has already been driven at over 200 mph at Bonneville to get our vehicle and driver licensed for the record attempt. Once breaking 215 mph is accomplished (planned for August 2015), the truck will make the permanent move to using solely algae based bio-diesel produced by students at Boise State University. The truck will then remain in service as a technology demonstrator, making the annual journey to the Bonneville Salt Flats as a test platform. The truck will be made available throughout the year for students to propose and undertake a wide variety of projects associated with all aspects of vehicle design. They will be able to see the results of their work firsthand as they join Greenspeed Research on the salt.

Land Speed

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