Student-Built Solar powered Go-Karts!
By switching out old fossil fuel burning engines for clean electric motors and solar panels, the power of the sun  harnessed to race student-built go-karts showcasing renewable energy and the exciting STEM fields.

Combing students, a solar Go-Kart kit, and STEM professionals
In the pilot year,
GsR connected teams of high school students with of mentors to represent their schools or teams by building their own solar go-karts. These go karts competed in a race to see which team can build the most efficient go-kart. Besides providing the Solar Go-Kart Kit, GsR assisted with the tooling, materials, shop space, and expertise necessary for this hands-on STEM project.


The students who engage themselves in STEM projects such as this will acquire 21st century skills, better positioning them for lifelong success. Potential benefits include:

• Enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills
• Application of math and science concepts in a tangible project
• Encouraging higher education
• Standing out in college and scholarship applications and other post-secondary plans
• Renewable energy education, awareness, and leadership

We are connecting students with business and industry professionals. Volunteering as a mentor helps students learn, explore and overcome the challenges of a fun solar based completion and helps develop lifelong skills. We are seeking engineers, solar installers, fabricators, manufacturers and people with team skills of all kinds. Contact us now if you know if you want to help prepare the next generation of employees and thinkers! You can work with a particular group or we can assign you to one of the teams.

Last year, the challenge was a 6 week summer program. Student teams met several times a week during the summer, culminating in design presentations to a panel of STEM professionals and a race around the Boise State University campus.

Solar Go-Kart

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