The “go-to” community renewable learning facility
In addition to being heavily involved with traditional education (through internships, “teach the teacher” programs, etc), GsR has programs encouraging non-traditional learning. Having a facility that is conducive to such non-traditional learning is key to bringing big ideas to as many people as possible. Greenspeed exists to bring fact-based awareness of renewable energy sources to the forefront of public discussion. This is achieved through continuous research, refinement, and testing of the different sources of bio-fuels, dissemination of this research, and outreach to all levels of the educational community with strong efforts to involve students in all aspects of the mission. GsR allows students (K-12, college, and university) to bridge the gap between the classroom and their future by providing an exciting STEM environment. This involvement strengthens the backbone of future generations.

To do this, we are continuously developing our shop space to not only be appropriate for R&D of renewable energies, but ALSO for a community education center where people of all ages can get up close to the exciting technologies GsR deals with on a daily basis. The community education center will have interactive exhibits, educational resources, and an inside look at the vehicles GsR develops and races. All this, because who DOESN’T want to sit in the driver seat of real racecar!?

Community Learning

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